Why is Everyone Talking About Emotional Intelligence?

Holographic image of a human brain infront of two business women working.
One coworker is working alone, well theres two others working togethor in the background.

Ever wonder why Emotional Intelligence is the buzzword in leadership circles?

Discover what Emotional Intelligence is and why developing your EQ will make you a better leader! 

When a leader has low emotional intelligence (EQ), they often struggle to connect with their team on a personal level. 

This can result in poor communication, misunderstandings, and a lack of trust within the team. Additionally, their inability to manage their own emotions can lead to erratic behavior, damaging workplace morale and ultimately hindering the organization's overall success. The good news is, you can increase your emotional intelligence.

What to Expect

We’ll explain what Emotional Intelligence is - and what it isn’t - and explore the various ways in which improving this skill will make you a better leader.