The Coach Approach for Leaders

A business man coaching a business women.
A leader helping his employee with work the employee is stuck on.

Do you spend too much time solving your employees’ problems for them?

Would you rather they took more initiative to find their own solutions?

Learn how using a coach approach fosters independent thinking as well as deeper, more sustainable learning.

Effective leaders are good problem-solvers – so good that they sometimes find themselves solving other people’s problems as well as their own.

 This can lead to employees constantly coming to the leader for help – often about things that they could or should have learned to deal with themselves. Learn how to break this cycle by taking a coach approach to empower and support your team members to take ownership of their tasks, thereby enhancing motivation and accountability.

What to Expect

You’ll learn what the Coach Approach looks like and why it is such a valuable leadership tool. And you’ll create an action plan to get started with your team.