Strategic vs.
Tactical vs.
Operational Planning 

Boss is talking to an upset employee who is sitting at her desk with her work materials out.
Two people working togethor on laptops and paper.

Have you been tasked with creating a strategic plan but not 100% sure what that means and how it differs from tactical and operational planning?

Without clarity, you can waste a lot of time on a plan that doesn’t quite hit the mark. We’ll clarify the distinction between these three types of planning, so you’ll know exactly what to focus on for each.

A leader's inability to construct an effective strategic plan can result in a lack of organizational direction, inefficient resource allocation, and an increased risk of being ill-prepared for market shifts. 

Effective planning is a cornerstone of successful leadership and understanding the distinctions between strategic, operational, and tactical planning will empower you to navigate the complexities of organizational management with precision.

What to Expect

You’ll learn the scope, focus, decision-makers involved, and output produced for each of the three planning types.