Giving Constructive Feedback Through Everyday Conversations

Three employees having a contructive talk over work.
Two buisness women giving feedback to a nervous buisness man.

Struggling with providing effective feedback that enhances employee performance and team relationships?

Join us to learn how to get more comfortable providing feedback in a timely, conversational way throughout the year, so that you can improve employee performance and build stronger team relationships – in a way that’s a lot more comfortable for everyone than those dreaded annual meetings. 

A lot of misconceptions—and fear—surround the word “feedback.” 

Often, we get into the mindset that feedback only exists to provide a “reset” for employees during high-pressure performance reviews.

A leader’s failure to provide their employees with regular and constructive feedback can lead to limited employee growth and productivity, a culture of uncertainty and anxiety and an erosion trust between leaders and their teams.

What to Expect

In this module, we’ll help you understand the key reasons that cause leaders to avoid feedback and guide you in the creation of a feedback action plan that you can implement right away with your team.