The Importance of Delegation 

A buisness man in a grey suit handing work to a buisness man in a black suit.
Buisness man alseep on his desk which has piled up work on it.

Feeling overwhelmed with too much on your plate?

Strengthen your leadership capabilities and enhance team performance by mastering the art of delegation.

Not delegating often enough brings with it a few pitfalls: You may feel overwhelm from a heavy workload that’s affecting your well-being and overall productivity. 

Your team’s growth and development may feel stunted as team members miss opportunities to learn and take on new responsibilities. A culture of micromanagement may be eroding trust within your team and diminishing employee morale. It may limit your capacity for strategic thinking and decision-making, as you get bogged down in day-to-day tasks, potentially hindering the organization's long-term success. As well, teams that are micromanaged learn to push everything up to “the boss” because “it is all going to get redone there anyway.”

What to Expect

Explore six common reasons why leaders avoid delegating and learn how to overcome them.