Eliminate Confusion About Who’s Doing What.

A work leader showing his employee a wokr document, the employee is very confused about it.
Team leader is disapointed his team mate didnt do his job, but the teamate is confused because it wasnt assigned to him to do.

Are your projects stalling?

Are there times it seems like nobody knows who’s doing what? 

Join us to unravel these issues and gain insights into streamlining project management for smoother workflows and successful outcomes.

Even in a simple project, it is easy for mistakes to be made and steps missed when nobody is sure who’s doing what.

Those problems just increase along with project complexity. No matter what the size of your project, the RASCI matrix provides a streamlined approach to assigning tasks and decision-making so that your team can work more efficiently and achieve better outcomes. 

What to Expect

Upon completing this module, you’ll walk away with a completed matrix, applied to one of your projects, which will help you improve the project’s outcomes by defining and clarifying roles and responsibilities.