Understanding Different Types of Conflict and When a Leader Should Intervene

Two coworkers in an arguement.
Two cowrokers having an arguement and their boss is talking through the problem.

Are you surprised about the term “good conflict?”

Are you unsure of the right time to intervene in conflict within your team?

Join us to gain clarity on different types of conflict and learn effective strategies for navigating conflicts within your team dynamics

Effective conflict management requires the ability to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy conflict and know when and how to step in. 

Leaders with this skill tend to be better at navigating challenges, ensuring productivity, and nurturing a positive organizational culture; they serve as role models for their team members, inspiring trust and confidence. 

What to Expect

We’ll be providing you with a simple model that will help you see, immediately, what kind of conflict you’re dealing with and what, if anything, you need to do to help.