Characteristics of High Performing Teams

A team standing over a table working togethor sucessfully.
A unsucessful team of 5 having a disapointing talk with their boss.

Are you struggling to get your team pulling together in the same direction?

Is productivity bogged down by in fighting and competing priorities?

We'll help you identify what’s going wrong so that you can focus on the right solutions.

Dysfunctional teams are unpleasant to be part of and a nightmare to lead.

Every leader wants a high performing team but building one can a formidable challenge. It requires not only assembling individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds but also fostering an environment of trust, collaboration, and motivation. This module will help you understand the critical characteristics of high performing teams and where your team needs help.

What to Expect

You’ll get a solid overview and understanding of the foundational characteristics that cohesive, high-functioning teams share, as well as a tool to assess your team’s current state.