Assertive Communication

A business woman standing proudly for a picture.
Two employees working on a project, one is upset that the other didnt seem to listen to what he said at all.

Do you ever struggle to stand up for yourself?

Or find that others often react with hurt or anger because you’re too forceful about getting what you want?

Learn how to find the balance between these two approaches with assertive communication. 

Do you sometimes feel as though others don't listen to what you have to say or that people readily dismiss or undermine your views?

Perhaps you hesitate to speak up. Or, maybe you tend to handle situations aggressively, which results in others viewing you as hostile in your approach. By learning how to be more assertive without being aggressive, you can stand up for yourself, and become a strong, confident and respected communicator.

What to Expect

Learn how to formulate an assertive response to a problematic situation to improve the chances that all involved parties can reach a resolution.